Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fitness Blog: Muscle Myths

Today’s Blog is focused on distinguishing the fictional information out there about our Muscles versus the actual facts. Building muscle can be done with weight training and cardio. Developing your muscles can form sleek, defined & toned look without all the massive muscles. It’s all about controlling your work out and weigh training. We have all heard the myths such as muscle is heavier than fat, so today we will explore what is fact and what is fiction.

The first myth we will tackle is “Muscles help you burn more calories than fat”. Well this is actually a fact, you will be glad to hear. Muscle does burn more calories at rest than those with a higher fat percentage. This is because muscle needs more energy to maintain than fat does.
The second myth we will look at is “Muscle weights more than Fat”, and I can tell you now this is just fiction. The truth is that the same weight of muscle and fat weigh exactly the same. The thing that does actually differ is the density and volume as muscle is more dense than fat as it takes up less space. You may lose inches from your waist and look slimmer but the weighing scales may not tilt in your favour. Measure your success by how you feel and by the inches you have lost rather than your weight on the scales. Many people get disheartened when they have worked out for a few weeks and week one they lost 5 pounds but week two they haven’t lost anything (in weighing scale terms) but don’t give up, measure the inches you have lost from around your hips, stomach and chest and you can really measure your success.

Myth number three, “Muscle needs a lot of Protein to be built”, and this is partially fact & partially fiction. You do need protein in your diet to ensure muscles grow properly and rebuilds. However if you consume too much protein it is broken down and excreted, so do not go on a protein shake only diet. If you enjoy a protein shake, it must be part of a balanced diet. Protein aids muscle recovery and is needed but don’t overdo it!
The forth myth of today is “Muscles are built quickly”, this is a good piece of fiction. It is not an easy task to build muscle and it takes time. It is a slow process but worth it once you start seeing the results. Over time through your workouts you will start to see gradual increases in aesthetics and strength. Muscles are built in our Leisure Centre but maintained through workouts and a healthy diet. There is no quick and easy method, only hard work and dedication.
The fifth and final myth of the blog is “Women shouldn’t strength train”.  Woman are turned off from lifting weights as they are thought to believe they will have more muscles than the Hulk himself! The truth is, lifting weights is beneficial for women and men. Women do not have the same high levels of testosterone as men, which are required for “getting bulky”. So women find themselves getting stronger, losing fat and looking and feeling better.
Now that you know the fact versus the fiction, start turning your fat to muscle. Why not look at joining Killashee Leisure Centre who have a comprehensive weighs section to the gym along with a 25 metre swimming pool, weekly aerobic fitness classes, free fitness evaluations, personalised programmes & a state of the art gymnasium and leisure area.

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