Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tips for Gorgeous Lips

Today’s blog is about the best looks for your lips and how to achieve them. We are covering our three favourite looks and what are our favourite lipstick brands for each.

The Nude Look

Our first look is the Subtle Nude Lips. This look can be matte or glossy shine. Our personal favourite is the subtle matte finish. The ideal start to this look is a very pale lip liner to highlight your upper lip. Follow this by then dabbing with your finger on your nude lipstick and dab onto your lips rather than using the stick directly on your lips. This goes for all colour lipsticks, it has a better less caked effect in our opinion. The Chanel Rouge Coco Sine in Canotier is a lovely neutral brown with a smooth matte finish. The key to this look is subtlety, light texture and don’t go too pale, make sure to match your skin tone. To finish the look, go for a dark dramatic eye effect. The perfect look is then complete.

Classic Red Lips

The classic red lip look isn’t the easiest look to pull off. It can be a tough shade to wear, so take notice of your skin tone when picking between burnt orange, classic reds or burgundy tones. Make sure to choose carefully and as previously stated invest in good lip liner. When you find your perfect red colour it can set off an outfit and it can transform your edgy look. The two red lipsticks we like is Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick and MAC Rudy Woo Lipstick. Again dab on your lips and using a hint of gloss for some shine.

Two Toned Trend
If you are a beginner & have never tried doing two colours on your lips before we recommend blending pink & a nude shade for the perfect model look. You start by putting your pink lipstick on as normal without focusing too much in the centre of your lips. Make sure to define your lips with liner. Then with your finger blend back the colour from the centre of your lips by pouting and wiping the tip of the pout with a tissue. You then apply your nude lipstick and fill the centre, which has little or no colour, following this by lighting smudging the colours with your finger to develop the blended two tones. And you are good to go!

Lip Liner:  Try choosing a shade that compliments or is close in colour to your lipstick. If you have many lipsticks, it’s not practical to have liner for every shade so our general rule is; use Red Liner for reds & orangery-red tones, use nude liner with browns, nudes and pinks & finally use a burgundy for similar coloured lipsticks or to give your pink coloured lipsticks a deeper feel. 

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