Monday, May 19, 2014

Killashee Fitness Session

The Summer Season is upon us and it is time to get working on your Beach Body. Here is a quick 3 minute workout to help you get those Abs and that super toned Tummy. 

Great 3 Minute Abs Workout to build into your next cardio or strength session!

If you're obsessed with a flat stomach, say hello to your new favourite workout. Tag on this quick series of moves to the end of a cardio or strength session, or do it whenever you have time and want to target your abs. Really push yourself: The harder you work, the better results you'll achieve. (Remember your ABS are earned in the kitchen but this routine will ensure they're in great shape)

How it works: Do as many reps as possible (AMRAP) of each exercise in order with no rest.

Recommended: Sets 1 - AMRAP for 30 seconds

A) Get in a forearm plank with abs engaged and feet wider than hips

B) Pike hips in the air as high as possible, sliding feet in and together, bracing abs in tighter to spine. Return to starting position.

Recommended: Sets 1 - AMRAP for 30 seconds

A) Lie face-up with hands clasped behind head, legs extended hip-width apart, feet flexed.

B) Engage abs and sit up, bending knees and sliding heels into body. Slowly lower back to starting position

Recommended: Sets 1 - AMRAP for 30 seconds

A) Lie face-down with arms overhead, hands and legs extended hip-width apart, toes pointed.

B) Extend spine and lift chest off the floor, sliding arms in as body lifts. Return to starting position.

Recommended: Sets 1 - AMRAP for 30 seconds

A) Get on all fours with toes tucked under. Engage abs and lift knees a few inches off the floor, keeping hips in line with shoulders.

B) Swivel knees slightly to the right, pivoting feet, keeping shoulders over hands. Quickly swivel knees to the left. Continue, alternating sides.

Recommended: Sets 1 - AMRAP for 30 seconds

A) Get in a side elbow plank position with right elbow bent under shoulder, left hand behind head, legs and hips stacked, feet flexed.

B) Extend left leg in front of hip (keep knee as straight as possible, bending to modify if needed) and touch toes with left hand. Return to starting position. Switch sides to complete set

Don't forget it takes time and effort to get fit along with a healthy balanced diet. But keep an eye on this blog and we will keep you on track with healthy lifestyle tips, fitness tricks and best workout routines to follow. 

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