Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beauty Tips From The Villa Spa

 Follow Villa Spa’s simple steps to achieve that all over natural looking glow.

Remember preparation is the key to a perfect tan.

Exfoliate thoroughly the night before applying tan.

Shave or wax at least 24hrs before application

Moisturiser & deodorant can act as a barrier and prevent the tan from absorbing so make sure your skin is free of products before you apply the tan.

Apply a non-perfumed moisturiser to hands and feet as you will want these areas to remain lighter.

Apply Vaseline to nails as this will prevent staining

Now your skin is fully prepared for that perfect tan.

Best Wishes,

The Villa Spa Team


  1. I absolutely love the pics you’ve gathered for this post. I am desperately trying to break free from the matchy matchy Pottery Barn circa 2004 look I’ve got going and this post has me INSPIRED! Thank you for all the fresh ideas you bring forward through your blog.

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